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Contact me to schedule a session. 

I offer sessions in my office in Oakland and voice lessons/healing from my home.  I am available to teach classes, concerts, sound journeys, workshops and retreats.  (510)365-7038 -



Transform Emotions with Sound

Tuning Forks


​Tuning forks are precisely tuned to put your body in a state of balance.  You simply have to be in proximity of these sounds, and the mind becomes clear.  Stress and tension instantly disappear.  Tuning forks can also be placed directly on the body and this way the vibrations can be felt internally.  This is an effective way to reduce pain and bring all systems into harmony and balance.

Awaken the Full-Spectrum of Your Voice

​​The human voice is the most powerful tool for sound healing.  I will show you how to open your voice and activate its true healing power.  This is not a singing lesson (although it will help for singing).  This is about experiencing the vibration of your own voice, catalyzing a healing response in the body.

Prayer for Universal Peace

I offer you peace.

I offer you love.

I offer you friendship.

I hear your needs.

I see your beauty.

I feel your feelings.

My wisdom comes from a higher source.

I honor that source in you.

Let us work and play together

In peace and harmony.---

- Ghandi


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