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From the atoms that make up your body to the spiraling Milky Way galaxy, everything is an expression of vibration.  Everything is sound.  The perspective of sound healing states that when we experience some sort of dis-ease in the body, whether it's physical, emotional, or mental, we can say that something has gone out of harmony.  What if we could just restore ourselves to the frequency of health and happiness?  We can.  All of us can use sound to activate a healing response and restore balance in the body.

Look at the image to the left. That's an example of what water looks like up close when it's being vibrated by a particular frequency.  Notice the symmetry; the beauty; the perfection.  The water molecules arrange themselves in that way because a precise frequency is sustaining that pattern. 

And now think of how much water your body is made out of. 

Sound influences at the cellular level and transformation happens.  All you have to do is lay down and relax, and let the sound do the rest.   


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For more images of sound made visible, look up CYMATICS.


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