Do you want to stand within the power of vibration? Do you want to access the full healing potential of your Voice?

Through my complete recovery from being a wheelchair bound quadriplegic (being unable to walk and use my hands) I have learned vibrational vocal healing techniques from various traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Wisdom Healing Qi Gong, Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanism, and Taoism.

It is my honor to now share with you the techniques that have served as the foundation for my deep healing transformation.  This apprenticeship is an opportunity to study closely with me, is available to all levels of experience, yet is for those who are serious about practicing vibrational tools to heal, guide, and empower their lives.

You will learn how to use your Voice to:

  • activate new pathways of inner harmony

  • establish mental clarity

  • create emotional stability in any moment

  • promote physical transformation

  • increase ability to manifest what your heart desires, beyond the use of the mind

Learn practices of:

  • Tibetan mantra

  • Healing sounds for each chakra and organ in the body

  • Invocations in ancient languages (i.e. Sanskrit and Quechua)

  • An essential spoken word practice: Spiritual Contract Revocation to remove obstacles

  • Morning practices and practical applications throughout the day to stay in tune


The Path of Liberation Through Vibration apprenticeship consists of 6 individual sessions 60-90 minutes each, which can be scheduled weekly or spread out over time.  Each session will contain experiential practices, teachings with handouts, and initiations to empower the Voice.  The sessions will all be recorded and note taking is recommended.

The apprenticeship will roughly follow this outline, yet modifications may be made to suit your desired focus.

“Madhu Anziani is an effective and inspiring healer and teacher. Each week with him is an invitation to grow, question, and explore. The tools I learned in this apprenticeship will be useful for a lifetime to come.”

 -Dr. Lacey LaVigna

Session 1

First Was The Sound: The Cosmic Hum

Session 2

K'uychi Runakuna: Activating the Rainbow Body

Session 3

The Alchemy of Inner Harmony

Session 4 + 5

The Sacred Application of Mantra

Session 6

Spiritual Law and the Power of Word


Note: I have 6 spaces available for apprenticeships at this time.

If you feel a resonance with this program, please contact Madhu by filling out the form below.

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